Saturday, 16 July 2011


In previous posts I have touched on the fact that I am not obsessive about housework and all the things that go with it, however I can do domestic with the best of em and delight in a clean fresh smelling home. I am always keen to try new products and over the years have used so many different items I could literally write a book. Hold that thought!

One of my favourite blogs ever written by the delightful and gloriously wonderful Glenda

Is all about the style - and boy does this lady have style - of one of the sweetest, kindest bloggers you will ever meet. 

This is Glenda's kitchen in her 500 year old Lincolnshire farmhouse, I rest my case. Recently Glenda and I have been chatting about this and that, in particular our shared love of things connected to the home. Last night she came up with an idea

"Also a thought struck me whilst I was cleaning the bath - you should do a blog about tips on cleaning etc for the home - 'Being Bree' or some such title" 
I thought about it and decided that I rather liked the idea, after all nearly all of us have to do the necessary to keep our homes from resembling the nearest landfill site. However hard pressed we are with jobs outside of the home and how ever many, or few,, share our lives with us, and however hairy they are! we all have to do the little things that make our homes comfortable and pleasant to live in. We do these things day in day out and to avoid the below..............

I thought I may be able to help a bit. I am afraid it will be a bit more Nigella than Delia. For if we HAVE to do all these things with a repetition that would make a saint weep it may as well be fun, with just a whiff of decadence sometimes.

So here goes. It will start tomorrow just for a while and if it take off I have finally found that direction I was looking for in my blog. If not nothing lost at all.

I was after more sunshine in my life too

and thanks to all you fellow bloggers I have found it in spades - to be totally corny you light up my life, you really do.

So with a smidgen of this......

But more than a touch of this......


PS With ref to my GIVE AWAY in yesterday's post. I will reveal the winner on Wednesday - so hurry up and join in DO


  1. Great idea! I'll make sure Grant reads it because I'll be far too busy blogging to do cleaning.......;o)

    ps LOVE Mrs Tiggywinkle x

  2. Sounds like a plan Jo. I will include some tips for the chaps too. Alan could do a guest spot on how to stack a dishwasher! he does it with an attention to detail that is mind boggling, mind you he doesn't have to rest of the house to sort out too.

  3. I'm looking forward to this!

  4. Ohhh I'm all of a blush! Thank you so much dearest Sue! I for one will be watching and learning with Housekeeping Tips from Mrs T for the modern Gal! Brilliant! There are so many gorgeous products out there for the glamorous housewife! Hugs and much love - Glenda xxx

  5. My best tip is get someone to clean for you. Today they call them housekeepers.

  6. I could certainly do with a few tips, I really detest mess and untidiness, but usually not enough to do much about it, especially not in a Groundhog Day fashion!!

    S x

  7. Great idea Susan. I'm all about neat and tidy...but not just the light stuff. Sometimes we have to get down and dirty to remove the deepest grime. My grandma taught me the "right way to clean" Ha. She could clean with a vengeance and stir dust up with the best of them BUT even if you looked high and low you could never find a lick of dirt in her house!!!

    My husband says I am just like her. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". I'm looking forward to your posts.


  8. I'm tidy but my housemates are messy & there are more of them than me !

  9. What a great way to motivate all of us, I will love reading about all things domestic. Reading about, catch that? I love your writing and fell upon a treasure trove to catch up on recently when I found you!

  10. Bloody great idea Susan! It sounds like your blog is going to be taking an interesting direction. Please can you include some tips which show me how to cut corners and do as little housework as possible, without feeling like I am living in a skip?!

  11. Fantastic idea! I was thinking about doing something similar with my green cleaning recipes...perhaps I could share some with you??? You could test drive them and do a review! xx