Friday, 23 November 2012


When the rain pours and the housework is done - just sometimes my imagination runs away with me and I think about ..............

                                          A stunning view
The Old Vicarage Beverley Yorkshire
A kitchen I could cook in 
The Homestead Warwickshire
                                     An elegant dining room
Usk Monmouth Wales

                                  A sitting room with light
Usk  Monmouth Wales

A bath you could drink champagne in
Paolo Moschino

A bedroom to dream big dreams in
Catesby Norfolk

                    And a garden to while away a summers day
Newport Gwent Wales
I think I have been watching "Escape to the Country" too much!

(All photo's apart from No 5 & 6 from

Go on - you know you want to - Mine would be in Warwickshire  - where would you build yours?


  1. I don't think I have a specific location in mind, but any and all of this would suit me just fine...all done up of course and ready to simply pack my bags and move in! Perhaps I'll build in Warwickshire and we can be neighbours! I'd like that very much! xo

  2. Suffolk, in an out of the way corner near Framlingham ... I could literally take you there ... but the land's not for sale.

    A girl can dream though ... fun post Susan :)

    1. My Dad went to school at Woodbridge Annie, so a few years ago we went down to that area to let him have a trip down memory lane. It is a beautiful county.

  3. Oh my. If I could have all this where I sit right now I'd be happy.
    I have box files full of ideas.
    I just need ten years.
    Oh, and the small matter of a lottery win....

  4. many beautiful locations, but probably in the Cotswolds! Will you come visit and have tea with me, Susan? I'll make Swedish apple cake for us. We could sit in the conservatory overlooking my lovely English garden designed by the late Russell Page ;-)

    1. Loi we could be neighbours, then I would benefit from advice in all thngs relating to my new home.

  5. I quite like where I am, but seeing those pics I could think of a few alterations!

  6. Hi Susan,

    Since I'm not that familiar with locations where you are, I am familiar with the Cotswold and only because I have a book that shows paintings from there and they are so lovely. Yes, I think a sweet little cottage would do me just mine! :)

    Hope you are well! :)

  7. What a beautiful dream house you would live in Susan! A little cottage near the sea on the South/South West coast is my dream. But after all the flooding lately I think I'll stay where I am (for a while longer, anyway).


  8. Wow what beautiful places and rooms. That was a bit of a welcome respite from the rain and the dark. I want that kitchen and bedroom! Actually, I want them all ..... ;-)

  9. Susan what gorgeous photographs!!!

    I'm not sure where I'd choose if I could live anywhere... Nor what style of house.... I am a huge fan of Kevin McCloud..... and I love so many different styles... I do love Hampshire - I guess because it is what I know!


  10. These are the sort of interiors that would give us the opportunity to be someone else entirely, someone with no laundry basket cares, someone who doesn't spot a cleaning job whenever she sits down. Roll on that day and then have your someone call my someone.

  11. Mise you have summed it up perfectly.

  12. sigh ... I would live in that kitchen & look at the view all day.

    In reality I am knee deep in animal hair, looking at muddy floors, dirty windows, unwashed dishes, laundry mountain ..........

  13. woo! I could live in that kitchen!