Friday, 16 November 2012


I Have been tagged by my Darling Penny - I need to tell you eleven random things about me that you do not know

1. While playing with a cousin when I was little he fell through our French Windows, luckily he did not hurt himself - what I didn't tell anyone was that he had annoyed me enormously and I tripped him up! his parents paid for the replacement window - Oh the shame.

2. I once got my foot stuck in a bucket of water - the fact it was in the middle of my A level Domestic Science practical exam just added to the glory of the moment.

3. I  once had a crush on Chris Patten

4 My memory is so dreadful now I get giddy with excitement when the Ocado order comes as I can never remember what I have ordered and it is a lovely surprise

5. I know my husband pretends to be asleep in the middle of the night when the dog wants to be let out for a wee, I don't let on as I love him.

6.  I Don't vote anymore, they are all the same -  promises made and never kept.

7. I am a spendthrift  - keep that one under your hat will you I like to kid my husband that I am parsimonious to a fault.

8. I never read instructions for anything, I just fly by the seat of my pants and hope - consequently our new microwave is a complete mystery to me and it will probably stay that way for a long time.

9. While sleeping in my daughters room I threw her wall clock through the window and watched it sail over next doors fence - I can't bear ticking clocks at night and had tried everything to dull the noise it never occurred to me to remove the batteries.

10, I sometimes watch 'Made in Chelsea', my children and husband are appalled.

11. I once literally knocked my children's heads together, we were on a lovely walk on a quiet country lane, they were squabbling , they were so shocked it worked a treat. I do not condone violence generally.


Penny would like me to answer these questions.....................

1. What do you want Father Christmas to bring you this year ? 

 A Peace Love and Harmony and just a touch of the same feeling of pure excitement that I used to get when I was a child.

2. If you could swap a day in the life of... who would it be?

A Deborah Mitford - she has a huge sense of  fun and so much style and is probably waited on hand and foot.

3.  If you could change your first name, what would you be called ? 

A Caroline, it probably wouldn't suit me but who cares

4. On a desert Island, what would be your item of luxury ?

A Tom Hiddleston. I wouldn't care if I was stranded for months.

6. If you could be a character in a book, who would you be ?

A Katherine in Anya Seton's book of the same name, as long as Hiddles was John Of Gaunt

7. If you were casting a new Jane Eyre film, who would be your Mr Rochester 
A Hmm now that IS a difficult one. But I hate to buck a trend so guess who, they would have to rough him up a bit though 

8. What can you simply not eat ?
A Jelly - any colour any time  - hate the stuff.

9. What is your all time romantic scene in a film ?
A 'Sense and Sensibility' - When Elinor (Emma Thompson) finds out Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant) is not married. It touches my heart every time.

10. What is the most memorable thing a teacher said to you ?

A Truly I am not trying to be obtuse but I can't remember, so I suppose whatever it was wasn't that memorable.

11.  How do you like your eggs in the morning ?!!!
A Soft boiled with toast - carried carefully up the stairs by my butler (husband) on a tray with hot tea, as you can tell I am very easy to please.

In truth I cannot nominate eleven people with less than 200 followers . I would have chosen half the same ones as Penny, so sorry Penny you can remonstrate with me when next we meet. I will make tea and cake if that will soften the blow. XXX

Have a lovely weekend one and all.


  1. Susan,

    I love reading things about people that I didn't know! I think my favorite thing I learned about you is #8 because I am the same way!! Ha Once when I DID read the instructions it was on how to put a BBQ grill together as a surprise to husband. But...unfortunately, I wasn't quite finished and what I had put together he had to take apart! Ha I'm not good with instruction AT ALL!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  2. aww Darling Cus... I had to think twice to do this too - thank you for bothering and I look forward to tea & cake but will stay away from French windows and clocks !!!
    Loved reading more about you - Knocking the kids' heads together - ha !!

  3. And how did you fare in your A Level Domestic Science, I wonder?

  4. I like numbers 1 and 11: naughty! naughty! And number 6: ain't that the truth!! Love your answers, Caroline ;-)

  5. I find reading these type of things quite fascinating!!!!


  6. I too once knocked my girls heads together ... I hadn't actually intended their foreheads to touch but somehow misjudged things and both took quite a crack ... I think they've forgiven me.

    I giggled, smiled and nodded through your responses ... such fun!

  7. This was a fun read ;D I particularly enjoyed the image of the clock flying through the air and over the neighbour's fence - I too cannot bear a ticking clock when I'm trying to sleep.


  8. Awww this was such fun to read! It's like getting a little peephole into someone else's life, which is great because I am nosey.

    My favourite was you lobbing the alarm clock into your neighbour's garden. You daft mare ;-)

  9. Delighted to read your witty posts/comments! I needed a good laugh! Bless you Love!