Saturday, 1 December 2012


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It is that time of year when my thoughts turn to the new influx of books in this house, already a home reaching it's full capacity. I imagine that one fine day the building will explode and anyone walking along our lane will be  struck insensible by a flying copy of Nicholas Nickelby, or worse still the entire catalogue of PG Wodehouse will snake out and flatten a passing dachshund.

The weather helps of course, usually wet and cold, you feel the need for creature comforts, the crackle of a fire, something decent and warming to drink, curtains closed against the prevailing wind, and,  if you can manage it, the gentle heartbeat of a snoozing dog as he curls around your ankles absorbing any stray warmth.

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This I know is where I am most at peace with the world, tucked away with my nose in a beautifully written book. It can be about almost anything at all as long as the style of writing appeals. I can remember the first time that I read 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind, a highly original novel that draws you in to the world of a character on the edge of life. I recall  reading it on a wintry day and being so engrossed normal life stood still for a while. Those are the books that stay with us long after we have read the last page.

I recently spied this on Annie's wonderful blog.........

Something about it appealed to me and before I could help myself our postman was delivering it from those darlings at Amazon - one day I shall attempt to work out how much of our income is actually spent on that website. Well, the book sat on the edge of my ironing board one morning as I was clearing up and before long I had made myself a coffee and just read a couple of pages as you do. Fast forward into a very late night and most of the book had been gobbled up - His poetry made me cry and Byron Rogers writing was sublime - well it beat ironing shirts!!

So after the blur of festivities at Christmas what have you popped on your Christmas list to help you through dreary January? I think I can wedge in  few more recommendations before  the walls start to bulge. Or perhaps you are tucked up this very weekend with a juicy little number - do tell.


  1. Hi sweet friend!
    I thought of you as I
    danced down the streets
    of London; this is Susan's
    country!! If we'd been there
    longer than seven days, I'd
    have ventured out further,
    but alas, not this time.

    Right now, I'm reading "Killing
    Lincoln" for my book club, about
    the events leading up to one of
    our earliest president's assassination.
    Not my usual kind of choice, but
    very compelling read! I usually
    re-read Rosamunde Pilcher's book,
    "December" this time of year and
    will likely do that as soon as poor
    Mr. Lincoln is laid to rest. I have
    the latest Kate Morton on my
    nightstand to begin over the holidays.

    We are united in our love of a
    good story!!!

    Enjoy your weekend. Hope it
    involves a a good book : )

    xo Suzanne

  2. I've been reading the autobiography of Marie Curie and a book about artist, Carl Larsson. I've yet to finish either as I get so sidetracked these days and by the time I get around to reading again I've forgotten what I've already read. Ha

    Flying books coming out of a bursting house... now that would be something to see provided I didn't get hit in the process of watching it! HA

  3. This year we will.. definitely.. spend time relaxing over Christmas, in front of the fire with a glass of something and a good book.

    Ointment. Fly. All our books are still in store in removal company boxes. Other Half has only today started work on the bookcase...


  4. For me, winter is entirely about books and warm drinks!

  5. I love that room... it looks so cosy and comfortable. I can imagine curling up there and reading one of my favourite books either Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon or The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.


  6. Love the post! I think you described our household! Books, books and more books. Someone once asked on her blog what readers had on their night table to read and I realized I had too many books (still to be read or reread) to list. No chance they will fit on the night table in fact!
    A warm (wood) stove, a cuppa and a great book is just the ticket for any windy, rainy, dreary night...(Plenty of these on the Pacific NW coast).
    All the best,

  7. No matter how many bookshelves I had - I'd still need more as I always have a book at hand!

  8. Okay, I could swear I left a comment here the day you posted this -- and I've been away all weekend and it's gone into the ether. :( Anyway, I do like the idea of reading books by the fire and spending my winter cozy with an afghan and a cup of tea or a glass of good wine (who am I kidding, it could be plonk and I'd be!) -- and I've noted these books to my list.

  9. Dear Susan,

    Now why didn't I think of that... outsourcing the Nutella consumption! :-)

    Aaah, and those lovely rooms you share here, filled with wonderful books high and low, sooo inviting! This is a book-filled house too, and I am so happy it seems our boys (6 and 9) have inherited the passion for reading too. When I was still living in Sweden and came to the UK for a weekend, an absolute MUST on the to-do list was to visit as many of your lovely book shops as I could fit in. Somehow the English bookshops always seemed more appealing than the Swedish ones, or perhaps it was just the novelty aspect. As much as I love Amazon today, I still try to do my book shopping in our sweet little local book shop, to support them as much as I can. Our little pedestrian High Street would not be the same without them!

    Thank you for your lovely comments, you always cheer me up!

    All the best,

  10. I've just been given fear of fifty... I'm not afraid of being fifty - I'm going to embrace it !

  11. I'm going to have to colour code my books now, like your second picture, and it's such hard work.

  12. I loved every page, so glad you did too :D

    "It can be about almost anything at all as long as the style of writing appeals" ... me too, me too, although I've rather fallen out of love with contemporary fiction ... it's all so improbable.

  13. Indeed this is the perfect time of year to grab a good book or two! I would love to read the Hobbit by Tolkien before seeing the movie.
    Hope you are having a wonderful December, Susan!
    Cheers from DC,