Tuesday, 15 January 2013


" I like the word 'indolence' it makes my laziness seem classy "
                           BERN WILLIAMS

I was having a little ponder the other day as you do and I came to the conclusion that I am becoming terminally lazy. There are lots of things that I would like to do, there are things that I am interested in (apart from gazing at the inner side of a toilet bowl as I attempt to make it bright and shiny - fun though it is I think I have had my fill!) Indeed there are things I USED to do, back in the day, but a domestic life filled with dogs, house and children seems to have sapped my oomph - no more I cry!!

SO in an attempt to lighten things up around here, which is my raison d'etre this year, there shall be much more of the following:

1. Simply sublime artwork

' Works on Paper ' Art Fair - Science Museum London - 31st Jan  - 3rd February
Rosie Saunders (b 1944) IRIS series 7 Watercolour - exhibitor Coombe Gallery

Serious ballet (my daughter has been trying to talk me into going to the ballet for many a long year, my usual response is "oh yes we will soon" and of course ' soon ' never comes. I used to go occasionally before I married and have never bothered since TUT!

Darcey Bussell (photo via Google images)

I never got around to seeing the divine Darcey Bussell in her heyday and I much regret it.

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

We have two excellent orchestras in nearby cities - there is NO excuse, to say nothing of the architecture at the Philharmonic Hall.

Royal Shakespeare Company (Ian Mckellan as Romeo - Francesca Annis as Juliet)

I actually saw the above production way back in the 70's before Mr McKellen became a SIR and grew a very long beard. The odd weekend away is far from out of the question

' LINUS ' Lady Lever Gallery Port Sunlight Wirral Merseyside

The Lady Lever Gallery is a wonder, we used to take the children when they were much younger, now we can walk around and take in the exhibits at our leisure. It was established by William Hesketh Lever, the soap powder baron and is said to be the best surviving example of late Victorian and Edwardian taste and remains the only major public urban gallery built by its founder to house his collection. Plus Linus looks such a handsome chap it would be a shame to miss him!

To set the ball rolling we are off to see THE ACCRINGTON PALS by Peter Whelan  at The Royal Exchange (  http://theviewfromheresusan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/a-royal-exchange.html)  my other half is a committed Lancastrian, it is our duty no less. 

I can't climb mountains and swim lakes but I can have a very achievable  short term bucket list - What would be on yours?


  1. I shall live vicariously through your cultural experiences henceforth, dear Susan. Would you mind starting to wear more rose pink as well?

    1. No indeed Mise rose pink is a colour I wouldn't mind at all. Direct me to the exact shade on the Farrow and Ball chart and I shall get to it.

  2. Hello Susan:
    Please may we tag along too?!!! These cultural pursuits sound to be exactly our cup of tea [or glass of champagne if you will], especially so as mountain climbing and marathon swimming are out of the picture.

    We regard ourselves as having degrees in lazy tarting but, even indolence [for plain laziness will surely never do], we find, requires the occasional burst of intrigue and interest to keep life buzzing along. So yes,"bring it on" as 'they' say, let us travel in spirit with you and, who knows, we may yet bump into each other in a concert hall or gallery in some country or another one day......we hope!!!!

  3. Indolence. Okay, that word is going to be rolling off and singing off my lips all day. How rich it sounds!! :) Ach I hear you on lazy and not doing the things we used to do...we're at that point my dear where we have the option of rediscovering ourselves and exploring knowns and unknowns. I just read a book by Katrina Kenison where she talks about this and the way forward (I'm talking about it on my blog tomorrow as a matter of fact). I've no bucket list as such but I am remembering that if I wish to see a film and I'm in the mood, I'll check the schedule and off I go. Alone. It's rather fun. Weekends away with the other half, an impromptu visit to a gallery or seeing if there are tickets available to something I've read about in the paper. No need to really think about anyone else's schedule...children aren't home, meals can be on the table "whenever". It's really a delicious time of life. And a cupful of indolence now and then will go a very long way. We've earned it my friend! xoxo

  4. It is easy to let yourself become indolent and I'm afraid I've become a bit like that myself. There are many things I would like to do and see but for some reason they never present themselves to me when I feel like doing them. If I had a list of things I would like to do and things I would like to see they probably would never see the light of day because I would probably lose my list. Yes, even the one in my head. LOL But as long as I am thinking about it I would love to go to a good movie, visit an exhibit at a museum, and the biggie is taking a trip back to France. (Now we really are dreaming big!)

  5. Susan when I read your post this quote by Robert Heinlein sprang to my mind....

    "In the absence of clearly defined goals we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until we ultimately become enslaved by it"

    and as regards seeing the ballet (personally I hate ballet) but 'Someday' is NOT a day of the week!!!!

    Enjoyed your post and pics!!!!

    Karen x

    1. Love the quote Karen, it is so apt, it describes my life at times to a T.

  6. That is some bucket list. I think there must be sumart up wi me as I dont have one. Ah no! I always intended to write a book. Does blogging count?

  7. You must my darling and you will love it - as we will when you tell us all about it !

  8. Bucket List? I guess I will first have to climb out of the bucket. Such an effort, though. I must be in the Treakle time of my life. Stuck, sticky and slow to move.

  9. Now this is where you have the advantage.

    Living in the back of beyond there is little on offer in the cultural department. But I too am getting lazy. More bracing walks on the coast path is what's in my bucket this year. (No spade.)

  10. Sounds like me! I used to go to the museums all the time. And Washington, DC is filled with lovely ones. Many are free!!! I want to be a tourist in my own city.....take in an art exhibition and go to a good restaurant for lunch. Maybe once a month!! Yes, I think that is doable.
    Wish me luck ~ Loi

  11. I have a massive lazy streak running through the whole of me - it scares me so much that if I stop I won't get up again so I push myself to do, do, do. My bucket list is so long it is totally unachievable; I'd like to tick off visiting quite a few countries (although I won't bother with some due to animal/human rights issues and I have no desire to go and see absolute poverty), to see the 7 Wonders of the World - well, some of the 7 anyway - swimming with dolphins (although I'd better learn to swim first!), learn to crochet/knit, to be published in a magazine like Somerset Studio, like you, I love ballet, so any one of them (I saw Nureyev dance at The Royal Opera House, how amazing is that?!! ), I'd love a little VW camper van and go trundling round the UK, etc etc. The list gets longer by the day. And what am I doing today? Waiting in for the oven repair man (I have a 4 hour time slot, we'll see if he appears within that time) - now that doesn't tick anything off the Bucket List :(

    Let us know what you think of The Accrington Pals.


  12. Susan if you climbed mountains and swam lakes you'd just look sweaty and wet. But instead you'll look stellar at all of these fine events!!

  13. I am also planning to get Kultured this year with a capital K!

  14. Love the iris - beautiful! Like your idea of a short bucket list - go for it. I presume you've seen the Gormley figures - Another Place - Crosby beach? I'd seen photos and didn't expect too much in reality - but they are very affecting. Check out the RSC / hotel deals? Enjoy! x

  15. As you know, because I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, the Exchange is my favourite theatre.

    We are an hour from Manchester, and slightly less than an hour from Liverpool, and I too have of late been neglecting the wonders these two great cities have to offer. I shall adopt your cry of 'No More' and do something about it!

  16. oh you should try :) I danced ballet for years then went back as an adult. I felt so great and special... It is also a great workout ;-)

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