Thursday, 3 January 2013

HELLO 2013

As Mellors might have said to Lady Chatterley "How was it for you my dear"  - ours was a mixed bag. As the Christmas tree lights failed to light (we should have checked them of course prior to elaborately arranging them on le tree) I just knew it was going to be a strange one. Son  contracted a nasty case of Tonsillitis - Pooch got an explosive tummy upset, less said about that the better. I lost at everything, Trivial Pursuits, Charades, Monopoly, Cluedo - Zilch!! 

I cracked the screen on my shiny red computer, Husband lent me an old one of his, the day after the battery re- charger went 'ker plunk'. I am now using one which had been consigned to that great scrapheap in the west, our spare room, it has a corrupt hard drive, so at any moment I may disappear.

But, as a New Year arrived I felt empowered and full of hope for better times ahead. My resolution is to keep 2013 light. More enjoyment, more laughter and giggles, as much as I can pack in. No list of grave and weighty character building stuff for me. I have decided I am too old to care. I want to seek out the good things, the small events, which added together make a life worth living. You have been warned!!!!

Ps I allowed my husband to trim my fringe on Christmas Eve, as I doubted I would be able to see the turkey let alone eat it. BIG MISTAKE, although I have to confess in it's own way it looked rather festive, rather like a ski run built for the foolhardy lunatic, a vertiginous slide from one side to the other, it was a talking point at least.

I am looking forward to visiting you all in Blog Land again  - bring on the New Year.


  1. You can't say your 2012 Christmas wasn't "eventful"!! From a freaky fringe to illness to broken down managed it all (in the dark no less without Christmas lights!). Did you husband cut your fringe in the dark? :)

    I like the way you are approaching the new year...I think it's wonderful.

    Happy New Year -- and to keeping it light!


  2. Best word that I've
    seen for 2013, yet.
    I saw a great motto
    for the new day:
    Joy in the Ordinary.
    I like that one, too!
    It sounds that despite
    some hiccups in your
    holiday, you did, indeed,
    find joy in the ordinary : )

    Happy New Year, sweet
    Susan! Here's to keeping
    it LIGHT.

    xo Suzanne

  3. I meant, new motto
    for the new YEAR!

    Maybe my resolution
    should be to be more
    deliberate in all that I
    do, including typing : )

    xo S.

  4. I am sorry, but all this pales compared to overflowing toilets and floating you know what in the showers on Christmas Eve when there are twenty six people in your home....unless it was the Thanksgiving thirty years ago (or so) when you could hear squealing mice in the oven as the turkey gently roasted. Ha!
    Oh, I do wish you the best New Year ever, and I do love the notion of Keeping It Light. Love to you in huge loads.

  5. Heavens, what an eventful Christmas you had! Very brave to let hubby cut your fringe - perhaps you could post us a pic sometime?! Happy New (light) Year x

  6. Boy or boy! What an explosive Christmas you had, it doesn't get any worse than that! HA I'm with Vintage Tea Time, you are very brave to allow husband to cut your fringe. If I did that, I wouldn't have any fringe left! (Sorta like when my mom would cut my hair into a pixie and keep cutting my bangs until they were almost none existent). HA

  7. Keeping it Light is an excellent way to go.
    Having made so many resolutions and failed every one it's time for something that might just stick. So at least once a week I will throw a dustsheet over the building site that is my home and sit on top of it with a good book.
    A very Happy New Year, Susan.

  8. Oh my - I can't imagine letting my husband loose on my hair (though it is now about six months since I had it cut and it really does need sorting out). Your description made me giggle, and hopefully you too! Our lights packed up too, but sneakily - checked them, put them on the tree, they worked for a day, then conked out! Hope you have a 2013 filled with the things you wish for!

  9. Happy New Year to you, dear Susan! Dawn French sported a wonky fringe as a style statement, so you wear yours with swagger, girl! Having said that I wouldn't let Grant any where near me with scissors!!

    Your resolution to pack your year with fun and keep it light is one I will copy. I hope your shiny red computer is back soon, fully recovered.


  10. well I shall say HAPPY NEW YEAR ( and may your hair grow quickly ! ) Light is the way to go - I plan it too - light in feeling AND CALORIES !!!
    ( I had the fringe from hell once when I asked a boyfriend to trim it )

    Happy New year to you all xxxx

  11. Oh dear! Well there is always Sean Bean to drool over!

    Happy New (light) Year!

    Karen x

  12. Welcome back, dear Susan! Happy New Year!! I have a feeling 2013 is gonna be awesome :) Hey, I found a one dollar bill in a parking garage today. Cheers to a good one, L
    PS - Hope son and pooch are both okay!

  13. Happy New Year Susan and thank you for giving us the opportunity to start the new year with a big laugh! To be sure, I felt ashamed as you obviously had a few wrinkles in your festivities (and none of us envy you that!). However you get my vote for the most entertaining post of the past few weeks!
    Here is me applauding from the Pacific NW coast as you are coping with all the challenges!
    Hang in there and blessings to you and yours,

  14. A mixed bag kinda' covers our Christmas too ... watching one of the whippets being fed activated charcoal at the on call vets as the clock chimed in Christmas day being a high point, not. But as you say, it's the good bits that really matter. Like watching the same whippet clowning around in a paper hat on Christmas day afternoon.

    Happy New Year Susan, and may 2013 be filled with all that you wish for, starting with a properly functioning computer I imagine :D

  15. Here's to more enjoyment, more laughter and giggles all around!
    Happy New Year Susan!

  16. Hi Susan! I am here to wish you a bright new year. Have fun, enjoy your days and celebrate the things that truly matter.

  17. Sounds like a great plan! My New Year's resolution was similar, to celebrate 12 months of the year and not just Christmas!