Monday, 4 February 2013


Meet our poor pooch who has just had a small operation on his back paw - see the bright blue bandage. He is attempting to sleep, although at the time of the photo was still under the effects of the anaesthetic. He is well and fairly happy but is not cut out for an Elizabethan ruff - he detests the head cone.

Many apologies to bloggers out there whom I regularly follow, and who may have noticed that I have failed to leave comments on their lovely blogs, apart from anything else my computer is playing silly bs and is overheating like mad. You could fry an egg on my keyboard should you be so minded!!

Life is pretty full on chez View From Here at the moment. I shall wish you au revoir for a while, sending all good wishes to you all. A bloggy break is called for, I am running out of steam.


  1. Hello Susan:
    Oh dear what a sad picture your adorable dog makes. It is so distressing when animals are not well, one feels the responsibility without really being able to do very much to help. We do so hope that poor pooch is better soon!

    And, dear Susan, we shall miss you so.perhaps you can recycle the computer as a fast cooker and treat yourself to a spanking new version which writes the posts for you?!!!!

    Take care and be busy with lovely things. We are missing you already!

  2. Oh no, poor Prince and oh no, please don't go for too long!

    Wishing the pawly pooch a speedy recovery (and a quick exit from the cone of shame). I hope things chez VFH return to an even keel very soon and you can come back to us.


  3. Poor wee sweetie...I can imagine that cone is not well received! Here is to speedy recovery and the loss of that ruff.

    I'm sorry that you're having computer issues...but a bloggy break will hopefully see your back in action with more improved "hardware"!!

    Thinking of you! xoxo

  4. We'll miss you tremendously, Susan!! Enjoy your break. And I hope that collar can come off soon. I feel so awful when our Panda and Mocha need to wear it.
    Take care,

  5. What a dear, sweet face he has. I shall just plant a wee kiss on his nose right now.

  6. Hope he's soon back to his happiest, woofiest self and minus the ruff, bless him! Have a restful break - sometimes there's just too much going on. Take care!

  7. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    And haste ye back. Jx

  8. Enjoy your break, recoup, and come back full steam ahead!

  9. What Jessica said, word for word!

    You'll be missed while you're away x

  10. TTFN Darling Cuz will just have to phone !!!

  11. Susan,

    Poor pooch! I remember when my dog had to wear one of those on two different occasions and she hated it. She banged into everything with that collar around her neck. I hope he gets to feeling better too. Enjoy your break...I'm about ready for one myself. :)

  12. Poor little angel! Nasty collar (necessary at times I know).
    Wishing him a speedy recovery and suggesting some much needed computer doctoring...Don't fry an egg on it yet!

  13. Dear Susan,

    A "bloggy break" is needed sometimes, and I hope you are recharging your batteries in very enjoyable ways.

    I also hope your sweet pooch is recuperating well, poor little thing! That collar must be so frustrating for any four-legged friend stuck with one...

    Sending you springy vibes and wishes for good health and happy days!

  14. Thinking of you today,
    sweet friend. Hope your
    pooch is back on all fours
    and that you are both enjoying
    walkies, together!

    Sending you hugs from
    across the globe....

    xo Suzanne

  15. Poor little pooch! I'm such a softie for dogs and hate it (like we all do) when they suffer. I hope yours is on the mend soon.

    Enjoy your blog break; I'll look forward to chatting again soon!