Saturday, 15 June 2013


"Comfortably bridging the gap between arthouse and mainstream cinema, the ultra-modern Picture House at FACT cinema, on L’pool’s Wood St, is exactly how you should be enjoying films communally in the 21st century. A modestly priced restaurant/cafe area on the ground floor, sets you up for a choice of screen viewing (average price: £7) with each mini-cinema boasting an intimate, but spacious, environment, with fully-adjustable reclining seats, and the option to take your refreshments - including alcohol - in with you" ( quote from lierbag - Liverpool)

Cinema going isn't what it used to be, forget grubby stale seating and your knees underneath your ears. Forget huge multiplex cinemas where half the town seems to have assembled, all noisily chewing popcorn and slurping mysteriously coloured drinks from buckets - whilst simultaneously yelling out the plot of the film  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! you can do better then that.  Fancy seeing Mr Branagh strutting his stuff as MACBETH??  with a glass of vino in hand - I should say so.

Live from the National Theatre production!!!!

World class theatrical productions are being shown in cinemas up and down the land  - and beyond, to audiences worldwide - front row seats as it where.  Productions that are normally sold out in mere minutes in theatres.  A couple of nights ago we managed to catch Helen Mirren in THE AUDIENCE (Brilliant) and were tucked up in our own beds with  a mug of cocoa less than an hour later. 

OTHELLO NATIONAL THEATRE - From Southport!  - The electric performance of Adrian Lester.

The acclaimed production of Twelfth Night starring Stephen Fry as Malvolio from Manchester - what a treat.

HIDDLES!!! as Coriolanus from Southport - I can hardly contain myself.

We have booked for the lot at the cost of a couple of decent theatre tickets, not including the overnight stays in Stratford upon Avon or London and travel costs required - a bargain.

There is always a little bad news however - sob, sniff

David Tennant in the RSC's production of  Richard II is sold out - we could have seen it in November in Liverpool but alas alack there isn't a seat to be had. I had contemplated ringing them up and asking if I could sit in the aisle - but the hunt is still on.

Try it you might like it...........................................

PS Hello there Bloggers  - despite indications to the contrary I am still alive and kicking. Life here in chez TVFH is as back to normal as it ever is and moreover I have missed you all  - a lot. Expect visitations. XXXXX

PPS Many apologies for the differing font sizes in this post. I have tried (Oh Lord have I tried) to get blogger to change them but to no avail - so far so normal!! my pictures have been jumping about too. I give up.


  1. Waving at you - hello! Good to see you around again.

    So you have been soaking yourselves in culture - well done.

  2. Welcome back. You have been missed. Such culture you are drinking in...actually, I am jealous. It makes me very happy to see you here.

  3. Hurrah! Great to see you back...
    Reclining seats? Vino? What have I been missing??

  4. Yes yes yes!! It's SO good to see you back :)

    I love watching filmed plays in our local cinema - I took Luke and Hope to see Benjamin Cumberpatch in Frankenstein, and really enjoyed it. They also show exhibitions in our cinema - apparently they showed the Pompeii exhibition.

    DT looks absolutely fab in that photo **sigh**

    Anyway, please don't leave it so long before you post again, you don't want to get yourself labelled as a tease ;)


  5. Thank you all so much - you make me feel a bit

  6. Jo I am trying to get tickets for Frankenstein, and we are going to the Pompeii exhibition too, a birthday treat for Alan. Thank you for your very kind welcome back, you are a darling. I am sure you know Richard II with DT is transferring to London after Stratford. I looked online again and The Picture House at Liverpool has put another performance up, so I booked hey presto. Have a look at the Picture House venues. I think there are 5 or six in London. I know the tickets for the theatre sold out faster than any production the RSC has ever put on, seeing as the run of 3 plays from The National sold out in 9 minutes flat, they must have been quick off the blocks.XXXX

    1. That's all very well but I'm ready for another blog post from you now! xx

    2. Oh, and I did NOT know that DT was coming to London in Richard II - guess who just managed to book tickets for family Urbani to go to the Barbican in December?! Thank you for letting me know, I can't wait!!!!!!


  7. Ah ... a beautiful post. Our family loves films. How fun to see Helen Murren. I think she is adorable.

    We are attempting to get back to normal at our house, too, after our daughter's wedding.

    Welcome back, Susan.


  8. Thank you so much Glenda.x

  9. Hi, Susan - yes, The Audience was brill, wasn't it - just been thinking about it again this morning. Abby x

  10. Hellooooo, how lovely to see you back again!

    We have tickets for 12th Night, Macbeth and Taming of the Shrew, all in Chester. Can't decide about Coriolanus ... suppose I better get a move on!

  11. Ooh, and Richard II I meant to say, at Chester Cineworld ... still plenty available I think, and not so much further down the M53 from Liverpool, or around via the M6/56 x

  12. Hi, there, stranger! Welcome back, Susan :) So instead of blogging, you've been theatre hopping? Nice!! Seems like years since I've been to the theatre. Hope to enjoy a good show soon!
    x Loi

  13. Hello darling cus welcome back.
    How fab to see these gems, so glad you are enjoying them.

  14. Hope all is well with you, and the dog.

  15. Does this mean you have completely run out of blog-steam? Or that you are taking a long hiatus! I'm intrigued!!